Golf Books #268 (A Walk in the Park)

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Golf Books #268 (A Walk in the Park)0

A Walk in the Park: Golfweek’s Guide to America’s Best Classic and Modern Golf Courses

Since 1975 Golfweek’s award-winning and uncompromising editorial staff has set the standard for cutting-edge golf journalism. Now, in A Walk in the Park, their expertise takes you on a unique tour through the history of America’s golfing experience as the top 100 golf courses in the United States both those created prior to 1960 and those designed thereafter are profiled in depth and sumptuously illustrated with full-color photographs. More than a mere listing of the leading Classic and Modern course layouts, America’s Best Golf Courses gives you access to America’s best private, resort, and public/daily-fee courses. Through expert analysis, striking photography and outstanding articles, find out what makes a golf course truly great and what makes the ones detailed here America’s best.

A Walk in the Park is also packed with features that give a better understanding of great golf course architecture, the behind the scenes maintenance that’s needed to keep a course in top shape, and the superintendents who take care of it all. This is an indispensable book for golfers, golf fans, collectors and travelers. This book is your guide as you visit the famous, the infamous and the not-so-famous gems of America’s links.

Publication date: March 1, 2004 (source

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