Golf Books #72 (Coach Me Golf: Teach Your Child Ages 3-10 How to be Good at Golf)

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“Coach Me Golf is the perfect book to help your child learn how to golf. Written by two-time state high school champion golf coach, William Zinkus, the book focuses on the best techniques and fun ways to learn specifically for kids ages 3-10.

Begin making golf memories together right away, thanks to easy tips for getting young golfers started and on the path to being good at golf. From how to swing the club, putting, irons, rules of the game, and more, Coach Zinkus explains it all in simple, easy to understand language along with beautiful color illustrations that your kids, and you, will love!

Let your golfing memories begin by reading this book with your child. The book can also be read independently by your child or you can read it on your own for pointers on how best to teach your child. (source)

To be released January 2013