Golf Books #359 (Your 15th Club: The Inner Secret to Great Golf)

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Golf Books #359 (Your 15th Club: The Inner Secret to Great Golf)0

Dr Bob Rotella, author of half a dozen bestselling books on golf, including Golf is Not a Game of Perfect, brings together his skills and years of experience as a golf psychologist to give readers the insight they need to improve their game – before they ever step up to the tee.

At some point in playing the sport, whether they’re competing on the professional tour or enjoying a day with their foursome on any public course, every golfer hits a snag in their mental game. Dr Bob shows readers how to emulate Tiger, become more comfortable with their own inner arrogance, how to learn from better golfers, and overcome fear. He teachers readers easy ways to talk themselves into feeling confident and provides a detailed plan that anyone at any level can use to build self-esteem both on and off the course. (source)

Dr. Bob Rotella is a consultant to the PGA of America, the PGA Tour, and the LPGA Tour. He is the author of several bestselling golf books including GOLF IS NOT A GAME OF PERFECT.

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