Golf Books #365 (Golf Psychology – When Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work)

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Golf Books #365 (Golf Psychology – When Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work)0

An alternative to popular Positive Thinking this ground breaking book on Golf Psychology reveals the practical mindfulness techniques and philosophies that will help you to play your best golf when it matters. Author Jon Adler has worked with Touring Professionals and Amateurs for over fifteen years, helping them to overcome mental problems and blocks by developing the Art of Relaxed Concentration. In this book there are practical exercises, psychological ideas and interesting stories to help you to;•Play your best golf when it matters •Stop getting so frustrated when you play •Develop a calm and equanimous mind •Understand how anxiety affects your game •Improve your concentration •Stop doubting your ability •Develop trust and confidence •Discover how you get in your own way• Strike the ball like you do in practice• Overcome anxiety• Chip it stiff• Develop confidence and feel on the putting green• Learn to concentrate under pressure.

What do you do when positive thinking stops working? Really, I’m serious. If you have ever tried being really positive while playing golf, you may have experienced some success but what do you do when you start playing poorly? It is very hard to keep positive when you have no idea where the ball is going. I tried the positive thinking route myself and when things got tough the only explanation for my poor performance was that I was not being positive enough. There had to be more to it than that I thought, so I went about trying to discover the truth about how our mind gets in the way of good performance. What I found changed the way I played and coached golfers forever. What I am going to share with you has the ability to do the same for your game. You have the opportunity to really understand what is causing your golf to be erratic. (source)