Golf Books #57 (Why We Golf)

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This is one of the most unusual and enjoyable golf books ever. It looks at the game from a variety of perspectives and answers, once and for all, the question many a golfer has asked him or herself, “Why do I play this game?” Among other things readers will see the game from the perspective of a visitor from another galaxy and will delve into heretofore neglected topics such as the relationship between religion and golf. Have you ever wondered what kind of golfer Moses would have been? Well, here’s your chance.

Have you ever really thought about the weird stuff we say out on the course? Well, here’s a chance to read about just how strange we sound at times. Ever wonder why nobody has ever written a decent rap song about golf? Wonder no more because the lyrics are in this book. Read it, enjoy it and keep on playing.

Paul Staley lives in San Francisco, where he and his wife Cathie raised three great sons. In addition to writing about golf, Paul is a frequent contributor to the Perspectives segment on KQED-FM. His golf blog can be found at He is a member of Lake Merced Golf Club, Daly City, California. This is his first book.