Golf Mission – Improve your golf skills

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It is said that the game of golf is 90% mental, so it’s interesting that we invest so much money and time on gadgets, equipment and gizmos that claim to improve the physical side of the game and we virtually ignore the one aspect that has the greatest impact of all – what goes on between your ears! Described as a new and totally innovative way to have fun and improve your golf, Golf Mission is a task-driven game, played on the course alongside the usual Stableford or StrokePlay format. Originally designed to add spice and entertainment to an annual social tournament, it soon became clear that the benefits of the game went way beyond playing for a wager. Golf Mission is a simple and effective way to increase focus on the course and lower scores.

How does it work? Easy, at the start of each round you get a Golf Mission Card. Players must complete between three and six missions to win, skill levels are broken down so that single-figure players should expect to tick off five or six missions in a round, while a sliding scale of missions is required depending on your handicap; you may be challenged to par any five holes in a a row, hit any par-three green and make par or better or make no more than six putts on the first three holes.

Golf Mission was created by Brit-born Canadians Geoff & Lin Chapman and according to them:

“…Most players practice better than they play and are unaccustomed to dealing with performance pressure. Golf Mission makes your practice and social rounds more like the real thing so when you are in competition conditions, medal rounds or stroke-play events, you are familiar with the feelings that come with pressure and can perform better.
Most golfers struggle to stay focused throughout the round. Golf Mission keeps you totally in the game from the first tee to the 18th green by setting you tasks that stretch and challenge you to play better…”

Playing Golf Mission on a regular basis will: help keep you focused, develop mental resilience, encourage better course management, keep you present and mentally in the game right up the last hole, bridge the gap between a social and competitive round, accustom you to competition pressure, create new patterns of thinking on the course, focus you on tasks not scores, improve areas of the game without relying on technique, add positive emotional impact to your game, build confidence and will help to lower your score.