Golf Movies #1 (West of Broadway – 1926)

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One of Hollywood’s earliest (perhaps THE earliest) golf films, was the 1926 comedy/romance, West of Broadway. Robert Thornby, one of Tinseltown’s first noted silent film auteurs, directed a cast which included Priscilla Dean, Arnold Gray, Majel Coleman and Walter Long.

Wyoming rancher Bruce Elwood (Gray) is set on attracting tourists to his golf club/resort, and when he learns that golfing champion Freddie Hayden is competing in a tournament in the region, he telegrams Hayden with an invite to visit his club and give lessons. Hayden accepts, but what Elwood doesn’t realize is that Freddie Hayden is, in fact, a woman.

At first Elwood balks, but when he sees the interest created by golfers clamoring to sign up for the lessons, he gives in. Soon, however, another issue arises when local ranch-hands begin forsaking their chores in favor of golf.

Year: 1926

Cast: Priscilla Dean, Arnold Gray and Majel Coleman (source)

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