Golf Movies #18 (29 and Holding – 2004)

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The inevitable “mid-life crisis,” even if it happens to occur when reaching the ripe old age of 30 is the subject of the 2004 comedy, 29 and Holding.

Two friends, Mike and Jeff, have reached the dreaded “Three-0”, and are faced with some tough decisions. Mike would like nothing more than to spend his life on the golf course while Jeff, the romantic, desperately seeks out love to find fulfilment. Mike HAS love, but his girlfriend wants him to “grow up” and become an adult, and threatens to leave him if he doesn’t comply. (source)

Familiar, yet necessary situations visit both friends as they struggle with the happenings swirling around them, making them long for the “good old days.” Viewers will no doubt recognize the scenario and sympathize.

Cast: Jad Davis, Morgan Simpson and David Paladino star in this light-hearted comedy.

Year: 2004