Golf Movies #3 (Pat and Mike – 1952)

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Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, arguably Hollywood’s most acclaimed “team,” are paired up in the 1952 comedy, Pat and Mike. George Cukor, one of Tinseltown’s legendary figures during Hollywood’s Golden Age, directed.

Hepburn plays an acclaimed golfer who unfortunately develops the “yips” whenever her fiance (William Ching) is around. He wants her to retire and settle down in wedded bliss, but she isn’t ready to give it up.

She hooks up with a gruff, no-nonsense sportswriter (Tracy), which somehow leads the strictly above-board relationship into a comedy of errors involving gangsters (one of whom is a young Charles Bronson).

Numerous recognizable faces appear, including golf legend Babe Zaharias, tennis greats Don Budge and Gussie Moran, as well as screen notables Aldo Ray, Jim Backus, “Alfalfa” of Our Gang fame, and Chuck “Rifleman” Connors.

Year: 1952  Cast: Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn


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