Golf Movies #4 (The Caddy – 1953)

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Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis team-up in this film to produce a wildly hysterical comedy. Harvey Miller (Jerry Lewis) may be the son of a great golfer and he may have inherited those skills, but when it comes to playing in front of a gallery, forget it! His stage fright is too much for him to stomach. He loves the game, so he channels his skills and acts as caddy to help-out his girlfriend’s brother, Joe Anthony (Dean Martin). Anthony has to try to convince his father that the game of golf is more complex than just hitting a ball into a hole. The duo makes it to the PGA tour where their skills are acknowledged by an agent who believes in their potential.

“Kathy Taylor (Donna Reed): [At an elegant country club soiree] Good evening.
Joe Anthony (Dean Martin): [Feeling underdressed and out of his element] I better make that ‘good night.’ I’m out of uniform.
Kathy Taylor: You’re positively stunning. So what if you left your dinner jacket at home?
Joe Anthony : I left it in Kansas City, but I can show you the pawn ticket.
Kathy Taylor: I believe you. Shall we dance?
Joe Anthony: Only if I lead.
Kathy Taylor: You can lead.”
Year: 1951
Cast: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis & Donna Reed (source)

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