Golfer Starts Fire When Swing Hits Rock

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You can use a golf club for all kinds of non-golf purposes such as a walking stick, fishing rod, club, to name three, now you can add to that list a new one – firestarter. On the 30th August the dry brush fires of California found a new enemy as a golfer at a local course accidentally started a brush fire which ran through 12-acres.

A golfer at the Shady Canyon Golf Course in Irvine accidentally started a wildfire which tore through 12-acres on of the golf course this past Saturday. In what may be considered a odd situation the golfer landed a shot in the rough. When the golfer went to take his shot to get out of the rough his club snagged a rock which caused a spark and thus the fire.

The fire quickly spread through the dry rough running to through vegetation adjacent to the course. It also ran across two hillsides that were covered with brush but also very dry. In total 150 fire fighters were called to respond to the scene to battle the rolling blaze. The name of the golfer has been withheld and no charges were filed against him.