In the groove for US Masters

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 At this years US Masters we might get to see some interesting shots around the green.
With the banning of the U shaped groove players will be without the advantage of creating spin around the green.
The new rule came in earlier this year and after finding a loopole in the rule all players have now agreed to comply some a little more reluctant than others. The club at the centre of the row the pre 1990 Ping wedge features ‘U’ grooves rather than the new standard of shallower, narrower ‘V’ grooves which reduce the amount of spin generated on the ball – a move introduced in a bid to emphasise golfers’ skill over technology.

This will be more evident at Augusta than other courses due to the speed and slopes of the greens, players will need to execute shots with fine precision and a wider range of shots will be needed. If you do get the wrong side of the green do not be surprised to see top players chipping off the green.Course management and patience will be the order of the day.