Lofoten Links Golf Course, Norway

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Lofoten Links Golf Course, Norway3

Lofoten Links is a spectacular 18-hole links course which is beautifully situated on the island of Gimsøya in Lofoten. The course is located by the seaside with an unobstructed view to the North and the midnight sun. Playing and walking the course is a grand experience where the ocean is a water hazard on several holes and sandy beaches act as natural bunkers.

From the end of May till the end of July, the sun never sets! Lofoten Links is one of the few courses in the world to offer playing golf in the sun for 24 hours, including up to 6 hours in the midnight sun!

From end of august until the end mid of October you can play golf at daytime and experience the Northern Lights at evening and night. Lofoten Links Lodges are one of the best Places to experience this Natural light show.