Pirin Golf & Country Club, Bulgaria

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Pirin Golf & Country Club, Bulgaria2

Pirin Golf & Country Club is a 5-star resort, which offers vacation properties and luxurious trading areas for sale and rent and manages a top-level golf club. The complex is situated on 150hectare area. Huddled in the beautiful Razlog-Bansko valley, near the well-known ski resort Bansko, the resort provides the unique opportunity for a golf & ski vacation, thus ensuring high investment returns and benefits for the property owners throughout the year.

One of the great attractions of playing golf is that you get to enjoy nature at the same time as playing sport and this is definitely the case at Pirin Golf & Country Club. Set against the towering back drop of the stunning Pirin Mountains, the Ian Woosnam Golf Course encapsulates what it means to play golf in the mountains. The golf course takes you on an adventure through the rough and rugged terrain, which is designed to excite and challenge golfers of all levels, while still being enjoyable for beginners. No matter how far you hit the ball or whether you prefer to take the aerial route or chip and run it, there is a route from the tee to the green for every golfer to discover.

The almost constant summer wind, which blows through the Razlog valley will have a large impact on the strategy and is bound to make club selection a tricky and essential part of playing the Ian Woosnam Golf Course. Anyone that fails to take the wind into consideration will almost certainly find themselves in more than one of the numerous well placed strategic pot styled bunkers, which are dotted around the golf course. There are approximately 80 bunkers located around the golf course and none of them are easy to escape from and many will choose to play safe rather than take on a more risky direct option.

The natural topography of the landscape and the subtle undulations of the greens make the greens especially tricky. So consider yourself warned it takes a keen and skilled eye to establish exactly which way the ball is going to break on these greens.