Sligo Wear

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Sligo Wear is the fusion between fashion and performance. When it comes to bold and fresh golf apparel, few companies are putting out what they have been over the last few years, trendy clothing in bright colours with great patterns to add some colour to your golf game. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Sligo Wear was founded by a group of friends and active golfers each of who were frustrated by a lack of fashionable and proper-fitting, affordable golf apparel in the marketplace.  At a Pro-Am in the Azores, Portugal in early 2004, they discovered a different fashion for golf apparel and upon their return started Sligo Wear Inc.

According to Jeff Dezen, JDPR’s founder and president, “Few apparel companies offer the quality and creativity of Sligo Wear. Their meteoric rise over the last few years is a testament to their fine craftsmanship, bold style and excellent customer service.  We are honoured to have them as our client and are confident that the Sligo brand is poised for tremendous growth as their brand awareness among golfers and other style-conscious, active men increases.”

Over the last few years, the company evolved from what was once a small boutique apparel brand into what is now a brand that you can pick up at major retailers. Sligo Wear, which has already been at the forefront of several key wins including Brian Gay’s 2009 PGA Tour victories at the St. Jude Classic and Verizon Heritage Championship, blends unique trends and fits of North America and European fashion with technical fabrications an athlete requires.

Its intelligent combination of construction and modern materials make it a must-have for any serious golfer who wants to perform their best. By taking inspiration from fashion globally we have developed a collection that identifies the individual amongst the masses. For more information on the company and its entire tour staff, visit

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