Spring Essentials 2013 – Shorts

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The short is fast becoming a popular staple amongst mens fashion and as it moves from the high street to the golf course, we take a look at the different styles available and ways in which these can be worn.

Now some of you may fear the idea of wearing shorts on the golf course and for some courses, the knee length sock rule is still vey much enforced. However, putting that aside, shorts are a great way to keep cool during the warmer months and should be worn with confidence.

Picking the right pair of shorts can be a difficult task and at the end of the day, it is very dependant on what you are looking for and what you feel most comfortable in.

Let’s begin by looking at technical shorts. Fabrics have come along way over the last few years and some technical shorts are a great way to remain cool and dry whilst out on the course. Moisture wicking materials move perspiration away from the body keeping the wearer dry, and most importantly, comfortable. Wear these with a fitted polo and a contrasting belt and your on course outfit is complete.

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Moving on to tailored shorts, a more popular choice for off course wear, one of the most important factors to consider when making your choice is fit. Depending on how you wear your shorts and where, they should fit comfortably, be just above knee length and have enough room for freedom of movement. Wear with an oxford shirt off course or a polo and lightweight knit on course. Roll them up for a more relaxed look too.

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Patterned shorts are certainly making waves on the high street this season and can in fact be quite difficult to pull off. Check shorts, stripe shorts and unique printed shorts are all readily available in stores. The trick here is to ensure the rest of your outfit compliments the colour and style of your short. Ideally, opting for a simple and plain shirt/polo will be more suitable. As with tailored shorts, fit and comfort is essential.

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So whether you choose technical, tailored or patterned shorts, ensure they are comfortable and there is just enough room for freedom of movement.


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