Seasonal Trend: Tailored Shorts

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The golfing season is finally here and as we welcome a much overdue bout of nice weather, thoughts turn to wearing shorts out on the course.

Of course, shorts are a personal preference for most as some golfers will always opt for a pair of pants for a smarter, refined look. However, that isn’t to say this look can not be achieved with a nice pair of tailored shorts.

It is important to get the right fit and style that best suits you. You will find a slimmer pair of shorts looks great on the course but for some, this might be too restricting. Length is also vital, we suggest just above the knee is ideal for movement and from a fashion perspective.

One of our favourite pairs of shorts this season are the Liem-W from Hugo Boss. A cotton/chino style short with enough width at the leg opening for comfort and breathability. Available in a variety of colours, these shorts work great both on and off the course this season. 

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If you are looking for something a bit more technical, then look no further than J.Lindeberg. The True Micro Stretch shorts have a tailored look but are made from a breathable and stretch material which is also water resistant if you find yourselves in a slight downpour or in a hazard!

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Not too sure on plain shorts? Well we have a selection of patterned and graphic shorts which should meet your requirements. RLX, Puma Golf, Tom Morris and J.Lindeberg have a variety of shorts in checks and contrasting colours.

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Final Word

If you are not too sure on what to wear this summer on the course, definitely consider a pair of tailored shorts. A comfortable, breathable and cooler option than trousers which can easily cross over from tee to street. Just make sure the fit is right, you are comfortable and you pair them with the rest of your outfit.


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