Sweet Spot Golf Clubs – Think Pink

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Sweet Spot Golf is a club manufacturer from the USA, making distinctively designed golf clubs for women. These distinctive golf clubs are eye catching, technically advanced and  part of profit on all sales of Sweet Spot clubs go to breast cancer research and awareness programs. Exclusively available via sweetspotgolf website which can be ordered in a variety of colors that are not just for show. They make up what Sweet Spot calls the “Precision Positioning System” (PPS) to help golfers with alignment, and PPS is found on all Sweet Spot clubheads.

Company president Brian Allman says the shaping of the clubheads is inspired by the aerodynamics found on the helmets of bicycle and downhill ski racers. Aerodynamics, Allman believes, is the next step for clubhead engineers and designers who are looking to provide the golfer with an edge while keeping within the rules of the game. This new design will allow the player to create more club head speed. Most recreational women golfers need help from their equipment in achieving the best launch angles to create club head speed, they typically have slower swing speeds so the aerodynamic shaping of the Sweet Spot clubheads are intended to provide some of that help.