The World’s Longest Golf Holes

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The World’s Longest Golf Holes0

The World’s Longest Golf Holes (Shared from GolfPunk)

Gunsan Country Club, South Korea: 3rd hole, par 7, 1,097 yards

Yes, that’s the best part of a mile. Even the Long Drive World Series guys will struggle to get there in three shots (assuming they’re not teeing it up on the fairway!).

Gunsan Country Club sits on the site of an abandoned salt field that spans over 1,060 acres. It is the only course in Korea where all the holes are surrounded by lakes; around 380 acres or 36% of the course is comprised of lakes, and the holes are connected by 26 bridges. 

It has some of the longest golf holes in the world, including the third here, and also a Par 6 hole (723 yards), which is actually the first hole. It may be the only time you’re happy walking off with a seven….