Celebrity Golfers

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Bing Crosby– Played in the U.S. and British Amateurs.  Died walking off the 18th green.  His last words were “that was a great game of golf fellas.” Clint Eastwood– is a co-owner of Pebble Beach G.C.  Bill Gates – the richest man in the world, is a member of Augusta National G.C.  He often plays with his friend Warren Buffett for $2 per match.  Al Capone – the most famous U.S. gangster, played golf with 25 bodyguards following him around the links. Rev. Billy Graham – once said “golf can turn an extrovert into an introvert and vice versa.”  He also said, “it brings out the boy in the man and the man in the boy.” Bob Hope– was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1983. …source

Here are some more celebrity golfers:

Kenny G – (Jazz musician); Tony Romo – (NFL quarterback for Dallas Cowboys); Adam Baldwin – (Actor); Michael Jordan – (NBA Basketball); Craig T. Nelson – (actor); Randy Quaid – (actor, comedian); Chris O’Donnell – (actor); Dennis Quaid – (actor); Bruce McGill – (actor); Thomas Gibson – (actor); John O’Hurley – (actor & television personality); Jack Nicholson – (actor, film director & producer); Sylvester Stallone – (actor & film director); Andy Garcia – (actor); Robert Redford – (actor, film director & producer); Kevin Costner – (actor, musician, film director & producer); Bill Murray – (actor, comedian); Joe Pesci – (actor, comedian, singer & musician); Stephen Baldwin – (actor, film director & producer); Will Smith – (actor, musician); Sean Connery – (actor, producer); Bruce Willis – (actor, producer); Steve Van Zandt – (musician, songwriter, arranger, record producer & actor); James Woods – (actor); Matt Damon – (actor, writer); Catherine Zeta-Jones – (actress); Samuel L. Jackson – (actor, producer); George Clooney – (actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter); Cheryl Ladd – (actress, singer and author); Morgan Freeman – (actor, film director); Cameron Diaz – (actress, model); Halle Berry – (actress, model).