Golf Books #389 (Golf Jokes: The Ultimate Collection Of Funny Golfing Jokes)

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Golf Books #389 (Golf Jokes: The Ultimate Collection Of Funny Golfing Jokes)0

Golf Jokes: The Ultimate Collection of Funny Golfing Jokes provides golfers of all abilities with over 200 pages of hilarious golf jokes that will have you laughing out loud.These are funny golf jokes, golf puns, golf one-liners and funny golfing stories that golf enthusiasts around the world will identify with.

In this hysterical golf joke book, you will find over 1,000 golf jokes that you can laugh at yourself or tell them to your golf buddies, or on golf tours, club matches, functions or society days.

This is probably the biggest and best collection of the very best golfing jokes and puns you will find anywhere.
You can easily change the names in the jokes to suit your own story telling purposes.

  • Golfing One-Liners
  • Question and Answer style golf jokes to tell your golf buddies
  • Caddie Gags
  • Short Golf Jokes
  • Longer Golf Joke Set-ups
  • Rude Golf Jokes
  • Golf Quotes / Golf Quotations
  • Golf Parables
  • Funny Bumper Stickers for Golfers
  • Kids Golf Jokes

This huge golf joke book is one that you will definitely refer back to for years to come.

These hilarious golf jokes will make you laugh, so buy this funny golfing jokes book now.

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