La Paz Golf Club, Bolivia.

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La Paz Golf Club, laid out at a dizzying height of 3,300m, appears to be the undisputed champion, and it’s very much open for play. The course, in fact, is a terrific test of golf and is considered to be the best in the country. You’re either walking uphill or downhill, and there’s hardly a level lie to be found! The course sits at the southern end of La Paz and abuts the dramatic Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon), where the fairways flirt with the clouds and their greens lay covered in snow and ice for much of the year.

Valle de la Luna is a badlands of hills and rocks eroded into bizarre shapes and deep gullies that does indeed look lunar.

The most famous hole at La Paz is the par 3 moon hole. Being surrounded by the biscuit-brown fissures of the Valle de la Luna makes the oasis of green turf and shady oak trees lining the fairways stand out vibrantly. But bear in mind that operating at high elevations can be dangerous. The air starts to really thin out over 1,500m and engaging in recreational activity can be challenging. Headaches, nausea, edema, and even death can occur when people are not acclimatized to high elevations.”…Source