Tee Times.Info – 1st Anniversary

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Some say that time goes fast either in or out of the golf course and indeed it is true, it just seems like yesterday when we decided to start to publish this blog.

On the beginning we thought that not a lot of people would be much interested in a blog that was not turned on to the latest news and the big stars but more to the hidden facts and curiosities about this sport and that for any reason people do not bother to ask or is just afraid to.

We wanted to take things a little bit further by sharing with you who built that particular course and who he/she is or was, the best books on the sport, the latest fashions from the fairways without forcing you to buy anything, be amazed or just laugh about the creativity inspired by the golf passion, wherever it is a funny video or an inspired cartoon or commercial.

After a year we feel that we have shared some good info but also that we have learned a lot more about golf that we use to know, together we have visited amazing courses and we have used their stunning pictures or videos to be transported to the tees using our imagination to perform the best golf swing of our lives. And for all that we would like to thank you for keep on visiting us, that’s what blogging is worth for. Sharing!!!

And if by any chance this is your first visit to our blog you are very welcome! Come on in to explore the good, the bad and the ugly world of golf.