The golf shoe perfected

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The idea was simple: To create the worlds finest golf shoe. They had to get it just right to satisfy a golfing fan’s exacting standards.  Four year’s later, the collection has launched and as you will see, the results are nothing short of perfection.

It all began when their designers discovered an artisan shoe maker in the heart of Italy, they then sourced the most technically-advanced American cleat technology and together they re-invented the golf shoe.

The collection is an ideal match of craftmanship & design revealing strong structure, elegant lines and exquisite finishing. They combine the past with the present, the classic with the adventurous and the simple with the daring.  Even the man who has everything might not have the world’s most luxurious golf shoe!

The finest French calf leather can be caressed on every pair when you slip your foot into velvety leather linings. The ocassional herringbone trim tops off the ensemble for minimal fuss and maximum style. If you are looking for the definition of luxurious sports footwear, the answer is right here. Sold exclusively online